Monday, September 25, 2006 

Week Three....Weigh In


Quitters never Win,
Winners never Quit,
But those who never win and never quit...
Are Idoits!

Do you get the feeling that there is no joy in Mudville this week?

Ths scale says I've gained two pounds.....the scale lies and hates me!

But just in case the scale is right, here is what I know I did wrong last week and what I plan to do to correct it.

5 Things I did Wrong!

1. I over did it
in the garden this past week and got so sore I could barely move without pain. Consequently I backed off on exercising rather than push through the pain.

2. I had to test out the grape jelly and of course the ultimate test is how good will it taste as a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich. We made 4 batches and each had to be do the math.

3. I woke up the sweet tooth and Got to Have it Carb Monster that lives in me . ( The Monster had to be fed or he would have wiped out the whole village !)

4. I quit writing things down cause I was embarrassed and felt "out of control". My recovery time was slow and my "Insanity Prevailed" all weekend.

5. I allowed boredom to dictate my dietary choices by not preparing snacks and foods that I could eat. Consequently I went with foods that were convient and much higher calories.

5 things I Plan on Changing this week.

I plan on writing down what goes in my mouth. It really helps when I do.
2. I plan on exercising sensibly with Walk away the pounds and working at the mission.
3 I plan to stay away from sweets and red light foods.
4. I plan to cook up big pots of foods that I can grab when I'm hungry and not blow my diet.
5. I plan to continue with accountability....the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Daisy Dilemma: Studipity hurts...I don't recommend it!

Lazy Daisy..did you notice that your Stupidity Post posted in here TWICE? I wonder what that is telling us? HM!! You are just in a bad dilemna right now me thinks!! Am I right? I know. I am stuck and cannot seem to move even ONE pound but I cannot give up. Your list seems to be a good list and it SEEMS like you know what to do...NOW the real problem comes in doing and keeping with the list!! That is the hardest part...Blessings to you..Sandy

Sorry you had such a rough week ((hugs)) I know how devistating those scales can be. You have a good plan of action for this week. keep a diary of everything even if you feel like it is too much. It makes a hugs difference.

I think it's great that you're able to evaluate yourself so well and come up with a plan of action on how to improve. That's really great!!!! I definitely need to adopt that from you. Great job. I'm sure you will see the planning pay off!


Well Daisy... for SOME reason, I can't get the "comment" thing up on your surrender post to work -- so I'm commenting down here instead! And I'm very glad I popped in this morning! I just got called back to work for the first time today and I'm eating breakfast at 6:00 (instead of 9:00) and packing lunch to take with me, and worrying about my exercise program today and... and... and... I think you just reminded me to let GOD take care of it! I hope you have a great day -- and thank you for helping me out with mine!!! You, Me, and God! We can DO THIS together!!! (what a great team!)

Sorry you had a tough time this week. Hope this coming week is better for you. I gave into the buffet last night. I probably won't be doing a happy dance on Monday either! But I was back today...and eating right. Still having a rough time with exercise though. Good luck to us this week!

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