Thursday, September 14, 2006 

Salsa anyone?

The Salsa Queen lives! I spent the day processing tomatoes. Salsa really taste wonderful with fresh produce. My tomatoes have really gone into overdrive with cooler weather and with the much needed rain.

I froze a lot of tomatoes too to be used in casserole, chilli, etc.

I was impressed with my domestic goddness status today. I put on Cajun Music and boogied around my kitchen. Talk about being caught "red handed" even my finger nails have a red tint from all the tomatoes.

It was a busy day. I probably ate more tomatoes than I should have. I've had an overly acid stomach tonight. Too much of a good thing ( the jalopena's are probably kicking me too!) Oh well, it least it wasn't the store bought kind.

My eating was good. No formal exercise ......I did quite a bit of walking in the grocery store it was hardly aerobic shopping though.

Oh I am so jealous! I LOVE LOVE LOVE tomatoes. I buy a bulk sized bottle of Salsa every grocery day. It is a staple in my diet. And I LOVE fresh tomatoes!

Mmmmm... homemade salsa! Low in fat, low in calories! YAY! Now... some BAKED nachos to go with it?

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