Sunday, September 24, 2006 

Visualizing Part 7

I haven't done any visualizing exercises in a while. I found this picture and instantly became a massive "purple puddle" .

Our baby is due to arrive in January. Just a few months away and I want to be at my very best physically to welcome this child.

Babies are so small and trusting. I want to be able to add the "twinkle factor" in their life by being vibrant and healthy and able to run after them.

My sister-in-law had these words of wisdomto say about babysitting. "I don't know why they call it babysitting" she said, "You never get to sit down for a minute!" How true!

Yes, there is no SITTING in the job of BABYSITTING. I have a cute cartoon that I will send to email. You will love it. I just got off of Mysterious Lady and voted for you and Melli too. I hope you guys WIN!!

THAT is adOrable! Right now I'm just trying to visualize myself in this skin tight dress I bought for the Emmy's tonight! I can't WAIT to put it on! I suuuuuuure hope I haven't gained an OUNCE! Good luck to you too LD! It looks like you've gotten LOTS of votes! (mine included, of course!)

that is simply breathtaking. I LOVE that pic. My friend who lives next door is due in January as well!

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