Thursday, September 21, 2006 


Yep, that's me looking like a FAT CAT.

Mr. Wonderful and I just finished making our grapey- good jelly last night and WOW it will knock your socks off!

This is only the second time I have ever made jelly and I must say this the very best batch ever made. We made is with lower sugar Sure Jell ( contains 25% less sugar than regular pectin). So it is sweet but still has a sharp tangy edge.

looks like back to the grapevine today to pick more.

We made quarter pint pretty jars for Christmas gifts (since we grew them in our back yard!)

My son said, "Make mine Strawberry." Sure son, only problem is that we didn't grow strawberries in the back yard, we grew grapes!

I worked in the garden yesterday for about two hours pulling weeds and cutting back vines.

My Butt should be two inches higher this morning. I did lots of bending and squatting. Every muscle on my back side is really sore today.

The garden looks much better though.

Mmmmmm... grape jelly! That's almost as good as wine! Oh ... well... okay -- it's BETTER! Just watch what ya eat it WITH!!! LOL!

Make mine strawberry too..ha...I have only made strawberry never grape but I am sure it is good. If your butt is up in the air today you will look funny dont you think...keep working in the garden. It is supposed to be the BEST exercise or so I have been told.
Sounds like you are enjoying it!!


Yummy! I love Grape Jelly. And you can't beat a firmer butt in the process! LOL

Ohhhhhhhhh Daisy! Guess what? I am doing the 50 POUND DANCE today!!! Whooooo hooooo!

I loved making jams and jellies...I haven't done that in so long! Don't really want to tempt myself right now! lol! Sounds like you earned some with all the exercise.

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