Wednesday, September 13, 2006 

Some answers......

Went to the Doctor yesterday to get some answers.

I found out that I have fluid in both of my ears. He put me on a steroidal nose spray and told me to give it a month to see if it will clear up. If not we go to plan B.

He agreed with my "Reflux Theory". I'm taking Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets (homeopathic treatment) which seems to be working for me. If it's the placebo effect I'm good with that too.

He told me not to take any pain medication other than Tylenol (just in case the ringing is from toxicity to aspirin or iuprophen) .

My BP was up again. I brought my monitor and took it right after the nurse and it was just about the I now know that it is an accurate reading. Once again I seem to have "White Coat Syndrome" my blood pressure always goes up in the doctor's office!

He changed my Lipitor for Crestor (We had a year's supply donated to the mission so it would be free for me rather than the 136 dollars a month we are paying for Lipitor.)

He was pleased with my weight loss and naturally encouraged me to continue.

He also gave me a perscription for a year of refills with the medications I've been taking.

He approved my diet, my goals and agreed to do blood work after my 12 weeks.

It was a good visit. I got answers, now it's wait and see.

Daisy Dilemma: Will someone please answer that phone in my head?


Mood: encouraged

All in all it sounds like a very productive visit to the doctor. He sounds like a great doctor.

Love you momma!

Good job on the weight and all the other good things. My daughter's BP used to go up whenever she saw her nephrologist and he was such a good guy he would just chat with her and me for a good 20 minutes and then without warning, take her BP again (with an automatic machine about 5-6 times in a row) until he got a good one. Mine used to be up, too, at the dr. office until I had my kidney transplant and stopped worrying about my kidneys.

I sure hope your ears are feeling better soon!!!

Ahhhhh! YAY! See? When I thought it was fluid it WASN'T! You're ahead of the game knowing that it IS! That's great! And I'm sure you were proud and pleased with the doctor being all happy about your weight! Makes ya feel good when they're HAPPY with ya - huh? I see mine next Friday ... and will have a gain due to vacation! UGH! LOL! (it's okay... I've got a PLAN to get it off!)

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