Tuesday, September 12, 2006 

Bird's eye view....

When I started my weight loss blog.....I liked the bird heading. It was commical and funny and mostly the way I approach wieght loss.

Not that the subject is funny, but since I've never been successful in this approach I've gained a very good sense of humor as a defense mechanism.

Everyone loves a jolly fat person I reasoned.

It was also appropriate in that we refer to our home as, "the Nest", our newsletters as, "News from the Nest" and I collect bird nests. (Not to mention being somewhat of a "birdbrain" myself). I'm not a very brave person (just ask my dentist) . I tell my husband that "thoroughbreeds are skittish" but the truth of the matter is I'm just Chicken Hearted.

Imagine my surprise and delight to find a book called, "Courage for the Chicken Hearted!" It is a collection of various stories by various Christian authors. (They call themselves "Hens with Pens!") I have really been enjoying them and laughing alot.

At the end of each story they have closing thoughts entitled "Chicken Nuggets"

The first story was on leadership and they adapted various leaders statements in term of "Chicken Speak" . It was too funny not to pass along.....

Lead? Who Me?

Moses said, "I can't squawk well." Exodus 4:10

Gideon said, "I'm an unkown bird." Judges 6:15

Jeremiah said, "I just a baby chick." Jeremiah 1:6

Jonah said, "I'd rather fly the coop." Jonah 1:3

Peter said, "I'm too chicken hearted." Matthew 14:30

Esther said, "What is my goose is cooked?" Esther 4:11

Elijah said, "I'm too pooped to pluck." 1 Kings 19:4

I go to the doctor's this afternoon. Hopefully he will have some answers to my many questions.

Daisy Dilemma: Why doesn't someone answer the ringing in my ears?


Mood: looking for answers

LOL! That is too funny! I love your bird header.

knowing you as I do you and only you would find a book like that...good!! I am sure you needed that and God probably brought it to you attention just WHEN you needed it too!! I hope you do get some answers at the doctors. PLEASE let me know...

Ooooooh... I think I need to read that book too! I dO hope your doc find the solution to the ringing in your ears. I have had "numb" ears ... yep -- NUMB! ... for about 5 years now. At first I thought it was water in my ear.... it sorta felt like that. They've done every test known to man ... and finally a CT scan of my head. It showed that POSSIBLY (and they're not sure)there is a little teensy tinsy nerve in my waaaaaay inner ear that is being pinched a little bit. (but if that's it, it's so minute that they can barely see it!) I've learned to live with it! Ringing is NOT as easy to live with though.... I do get that from time to time -- but it doesn't last long. Thankfully.

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