Tuesday, August 08, 2006 

Wow....talk about shooting pains to the wallet!

Wow, got my perscription filled for my high cholestrol.

Bear in mind as struggling faith based missionaries we have no insurance .

Bear in mind that I've been off this medication for two years because of the expense.

Would you believe that one month's medication (one a day!) was $126.00?

That's about what we spend in a week for groceries!

Another good reason to lose this weight!

Daisy Dilemma: Can I afford to be fat?

Quote of the Day:"The only thing in this world that is instant is coffee." - David Parkin, one of the best business/motivational speakers in Australia.

Mood: depressed

That's what I would consider a good price for my meds! My immunosuppressants (I take two since I had a kidney transplant 5 years ago) run, without insurance, between $600 and $700 a month! Twice since the transplant, my husband was out of work without health insurance and we had to pay out of pocket. NOT FUN! Now, with insurance, they run around $100/month. Several times the people at the drug store will hesitate before handing them to me and ask, "Do we have your insurance card on file??"

YEOWCH! What about even a prescription discount card? Most seem to only run a couple dollars a month. I've also seen on a Pitzer (?) commerical that if you can't afford your meds to call; they might can help. ????????

UGH! I know! Wow! No... you can't afford to be fat! Good grief!

Ouch!! I have to agree with you - we can't afford to keep the weight any longer!

I just wanted to send you some congrats for taking on this journey - it's not easy but soooo worth it. You're doing great!

You're tagged! Come on over to my blog to read about it.

Sorr you had to spend so much money on meds. That would take a huge bite out of my budget too.

ouch! Even with insurence I have two prescriptions that are $50 or over. It is bad, I can't imagine without insurence. Write or call the company and see if they have a prescription program on that med. It's worth a try!

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