Monday, August 07, 2006 

Pretty Good Day

The last boxes of medical supplies have been loaded for the Sudan. The container doors were closed and it is currently on it's way to the port.

Just finished the packing list....616 boxes, chairs, exam tables, beds, medical linens, and medical supplies. It was a hard container to do because of the heat and shear volume to be hand loaded.

The procedure starts all over Wednesday afternoon. (Lord give me strength!) We are doing a container for Tajikistan with computers and monitors. I have two groups scheduled Wednesday and Thursday looks like another long week.

I decided I'm much better at staying focus with a list in hand.

I did get up earlier, got my walk in with Leslie and prepared my lunch, as well as cleaned the kitchen and got the bills mailed.

It's been a pretty good day at work with finishing off the container and typing up the contents.

So far I've eaten well, did my Bible Study and feel pretty good about the whole's the night that usually gets me in trouble though.

Oh yeah.....I did get the doctor to order my cholestrol medication which I picked up!

Now to get my short walk in with Leslie before supper!

I am so glad that you have had a good day...bless you. I went to Curves and weighed and measured and just like I thought..I stayed the same..did not lose, nor did I lose any inches. I knew that I felt like I had not!! It is funny just how you know!! I was not upset. I just figured OH WELL!! Guess I am stuck again!! Not to worry, just keep trying.
But I am happy for you!!
Hang in there.
Love Sandy

Sounds like this was a GREAT day! I just got my Leslie cd in the mail today! It's the 4 miles workout... I hope it's not too hard for me! Haven't tried it yet. I'm finding that one day in NY needs three days of recoup time at home! And I weigh myself again this Friday -- if I haven't GAINED I will consider myself very lucky!!! Maybe I should go try this cd NOW! When do you do an official weigh again? (like when do you move the little counter up top?) I'm curious where you're at! ;)

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