Thursday, August 10, 2006 

Green and Growly

I've Created my own Super Ego!

Don't get me mad! You won't like me when I'm mad.

Call it Chocolate Deprivation, over active hormones, or just plain ole nastiness on my part. But lately I need a sign around my neck that reads....."Back off, Danger Zone, Don't Even Think About It".

A sure way to see me turn green and turn into the "Hulktress" is to keep changing the plan. Seems like every time I line up volunteers the plan changes and I have to cancel them.

Take away my food and I get mean!

I need to turn into a super hero.....a nice green girl. I need to "get over myself" and just "do it" (hey, it works for Nike!)

Anyone have any "pixie dust"? Magic Wands? Super Greens?

Helpful Hulk turns green because of all the green and leafy vegetables she has been eating. Her muscles bulge due to all the exercise and strength training. Her clothes are smaller because they are new and show off her dazzling figure that discipline and healthy eating have created.

She's the defender of the disappointed, priestess of the portly, helpful to the hefty, friend of the fatty, leader of the large, chum of the chubby, and hero of the huge.

"Hang in there a while longer, you will see a change." "You can do this!" "Look at the new habits you are developing." "Next week will be better." "Your body is going through a change and needs time to adjust." "Don't give up!"...........These are the words in her arsenal .

Daisy Dilemma: How come "knowing something" and "applying it" are so hard to do?

Quote of the Day: Don't be intimidated by the impossibility, Be motivated by the possibility!

Mood: Green and growly

there are days I feel green and growly too. When hormones mix with chocolate deprivation stand back and get out of my way! This is a great post! You made me smile today. I hope your green and growly day gets better

We all have days like this whether we are dieting or just plain being women I think. Today is not a great day for me because I just got an email from a friend telling me that his wife my friend took her own life this Monday night. She had MS and could not stand the pain anymore. She was around your age. I cannot get over her being gone and to think that she committed suicide...See you need not be in a nasty mood...You feel don't hurt physically..Martha was really hurting to have done that to herself. You have so much to give to so many people!! We all love you! I wish that I had known that Martha was so down. She is the one that I wanted to visit in Richmond, VA. Remember?
Now I cannot do that!! She is gone. I am telling you this to remind you that you are still here and that you are loved and cared about. Even if this weight never comes off. GEt it...Love Sandy

I find it sO hard to imagine you green and growly! But I will SHARE my Jello Fat Free Sugar Free Jello with you... and it is YUMMY! Makes the day all better! AND... when you want something TOTALLY DECADENT??? Try this...

I box No Pudge Brownies -- (you can order them online if you can't find them in your store.) Bake as directed. (completely fat free - and LOW calorie!)

Top with Jello Fat Free Sugar Free pudding (the kind you MAKE, not the pre-made)

Top AGAIN with Fat Free Sugar Free Cool Whip!

Let me tell ya something ... this is SO allowable! In it's full fat form it's called The Bomb ... in the fat free version we call it Bombette! It is sooooo good and you will feel like you have cheated in such a big way -- and you really won't have cheated AT ALL!

(but you must use the No Pudge brownies -- they are the ONLY low cal brownies! ... no oil used!)

Wow, can't even remember my comment as I read Melli's Bombette Brownies....oh yum! But they are only good if you only eat one, right?? Darn!
I do like your new super hero! If you figure out how to apply her...please share!

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