Friday, July 14, 2006 

When Food Goes Bad......

Take a look at some angry looking food. All they need is leather jackets and they would be real bad food dudes.

Today we celebrated my friends birthday by going to chick-fil-a. I had the chargrilled salad but ended up eating it without dressing. The low fat dressings aren't low sugar or sodium. It was pretty tasteless but I'm getting used to it.

5 days into 2nd week of diet and still have only lost one pound. I decided to take my own advice and so checked my measurements. I've lost two more inches! (I'll take that!)

I must say for all my complaining I am starting to find a few tricks that really help. Either I've killed my taste buds or am starting to get used to foods without salt. (I didn't say I enjoyed it though!) I haven't felt the desire to cheat and am hoping the longer I stay away from my trigger foods the less appealing they will be.

Diasy Dilemma: Is it wrong to visualize your safe place as the center of an Bundt cake? Surrounded by warm soft springy cake with whiffs of cinnamon, ginger and vanilla?

Mood: Amazingly upbeat!

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