Thursday, July 06, 2006 


I've made an amazing discovery.

It was an Eureka momment!

All of a sudden there was great clarity.

It was truly a "light bulb" Aha! experience.

All of these years I've been mistaken.

I've never seen food as nothing more than "fuel".

Eating for me has always been an experience.

Textures, taste, presentation, smells and comfort.

Food was a crutch....a socially acceptable way of masking pain.

A chocolate chip cookie can't be your best friend,

but it is a substitute when you are lonely.

That snack eaten at your desk won't make your workload managable,

but it does momentarily make your job a little stressful.

Zoning out in front of the TV mindlessly eating chips,

Won't make your bills go away.

When did I begin to connect food with warmth, acceptance, love and nurture?

Was it ingrained in the womb?

Food is a poor substitute for life.

Food is fuel. Gas for the engine. Wood for the fire.

It's time I threw that "pacifier" away and really started living.

Try putting your salmon in a plastic bag with enough lite italian dressing to cover it, seal it, and let it sit for at least 15 minutes--but I suggest 30 for more flavor. Then bake it in the oven at 350 till breading or frying needed. Oh and Kraft has a light and healthy mag for free (just go to the website) the recipies are great.

It's still pretty tough to stick with that mindset, be strong young warrior!

We're not the only ones who look at food as a social thing. It's something to do when you're bored, it's everywhere. It's really hard to get away from, and when everyone around you is making not-so-good choices it's freeing to make the right one for yourself.


This blog is inspiring.

That's how my daughter looks at food too! She doesn't care WHAT she eats as long as she gets the energy she needs to go out and play -- and it has no fat!

I still look at food as being an experience worth enjoying! So I have become a MUCH more PICKY eater! I spend a lot more time "cooking" now to make my food not only taste good, but LOOK good -- and I NEVER just grab something and eat it. I think about it! And then I sit down and I enjoooooooy it! Even if it's a cup of yougurt (which yes, I happen to LIKE!) Or a banana... or whatever! I take the time to actually TASTE what I'm eating!

When I started realizing that I need my food to "satisfy" me, that was when I started thinking about what I really LIKE and I've always been a huge fan of sea food -- which of course is more expensive than beef or pork or chicken! But I have been feeding myself a LOT more seafood! I'll gladly do without any meat a couple of nights a week so that I can HAVE what I really like the other nights! This is what works for me! And you have to do what works for YOU!

And YOU are doing GREAT! So keep it up!!!

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