Saturday, July 08, 2006 

Day 6 has finally arrived! 6 has arrived and I have not done bodily harm to anyone around the Daisy Patch!

The scale was my friend today and says I'm down another pound.

10 pounds in 6 days! Whooo Hoo!!!!

I'm a happy camper. My clothes are fitting much better (haven't lost a size as I was on the last bit of stretch at the seam of my clothing and was determined I wasn't going any higher!)

My sister had the stomach banding and is up to 3 tablespoons of oatmeal now! So, now whenever I complain and whine (Yes, I'm aware that I am very good at it thank you very much!) I think about what she's eating.

After Day 6 the list increases as to what I can eat so it won't always be Greens!

I'm a grilled chicken tenders fan!

Thanks for suggestions and hints. I will try them all.

Mr. Wonderful is thrilled and being very supportive.

I'm getting adjusted to no salt and adding spices for flavor.

So for all my whining I did lose 12 inches this week.

Daisy Dilemma:
Is it wrong to be excited but still miserable that you have so far to go? At least I have the same measurements of the refrigerator now!

Mood: Jubilant!

NO! It's NOT wrong to be excited and still miserable... I've been that way for months now!!! It IS a long haul -- I know only too well -- but what you have to do is NOT look down the long road -- just look at the goal for this month, or this week - or TODAY! Get through it that way! I still write on my calendar EVERY SINGLE DAY exactly what I did for exercise - and that way I can look back at the end of the week and say WOW! I did GREAT! Even when the pounds don't come off...

I'm bettin' they're coming off again now though!

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