Thursday, July 13, 2006 

Sorry Charlie....No salt tuna still isn't tasty!

Four days into week two of "the diet" and only one pound down. I still look like the fish on the left!

I'm hoping I'm premenstral and just not overly hormonal. If not the spines on the fish should be a warning to those around me.

I've eaten so much fish this week it's a wonder I haven't sprouted gills.

I used to reward myself with food. Now sugar free jello is treat!

Tommorrow is lunch with the girls. Do I take my lunch or just try to order discreetly?

Mr. Wonderful had my engagement ring reset. The prongs were worn out and some were broken. I was really afraid I would lose my diamond. It's back and now it looks so much better.....all bright and shiny!

He also had my favorite necklace repaired. It's a heart with ruby chips and diamond chips around it.
Their are 3 little rubbies missing ......Mr. Wonderful asked me if I wanted them replaced . I told him no as three parts of my heart are with our kids.

These are two of my best pieces of jewlery and the two I love the most. What a wonderful surprise to get them repaired so I can enjoy them. Life is good.

Daisy Dilemma: Do I get discouraged because the weight isn't coming off?

Mood: hot and tired

Daisy, ONE pound down in 4 days is EXCELLENT! You can't lose the weight too fast or it will just come right back on! 2-3 pounds a week is all! (and my doctor actually recommends only 1 pound a week) He think I'M doing it too fast! (i seriously hope he's wrong!) You are doing fabulously dear! I don't use the low salt tuna -- I do insist on the all white albacore though! And I mix my can with ONE tablespoon of low fat mayo and ONE tablespoon of tarragon mustard -- MMMMM! It's great! Some pickles and onion... mmmm hmmmm!

I AM off my plateau now -- and have a weight update on my blog today!

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