Thursday, July 06, 2006 

Day 4 and I've lost 9 pounds!

This is me doing a "happy dance!" Day 4 of the 6 Day Body Make Over.

I lost another pound for a total of 9 pounds in four days.

How incredible is that?

I'm still not skinny or even pleasantly plum.

Still hate fish and dream of chocolate.

I can hang in there though!

Daisy Dilemma: Will fish be my new best friend? I'm already carping! Should I be looking at food as fuel instead of a friend?

Mood: looking at food in a new way

9 Pounds, go you!

Just think, in 8 days, that's 18 pounds. 12 days, 27 pounds.

It works. Don't stop now girl - you're on a fat free roll!

Two quick eats that are perfect:

1 c. low fat cottage cheese in a bowl, scooped up with just 5 or 6 low-sodium saltines. Perfectly filling, great protein, just the right amount of carb.

One more-

1 can of tuna, drained in a bowl, one slice of mild cheddar cheese (not processed cheese, but deli), microwaved until the cheese melts. Mix it up. Mmmm!


LOL! You GOOOOOOO girlfriend! Whatever works! Congratulations! What a great jump start!

I don't think I'm on my plateau any more. I took a peek on my home scale and it seems like this week I am moving down again... my next weigh at the doctors is in 8 days, so we'll see! (the amazing part about all this is that THIS week I've been UBER bad! With the holiday I ate a ton of stuff that I shouldn't! Cheeseburgers, halfsmokes, CAKE! mmmmm....) Nope - didn't feel a bit guilty! I gotta do it every now and then! I'm back on track today!

I'll add you to my list of "losers" and I'll be back! ;)

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