Wednesday, July 05, 2006 

That was no big surprise.

In my ever increasing desire to make this new eating plan work I attempted to poach some cod tonight. It had mushrooms, onions, celery and tomatoes with dill, lemon juice and pepper. The receipe sounded good so I thought I'd give it a shot.

I am not a fish eater. I do like shrimp, tuna, and salmon.

However, I like my fish batter dipped and fried. I like mayo, pickle relish, hardboiled eggs, and apples in my tuna and I like my salmon in patties with either bread or crackers and egg to keep them together. In short if it's not breaded I am so Not There.

So will you be surprised to hear I really didn't like the cod. Mr. Wonderful wolfed it down though!

So far most everything has been tasteless. I eat because I'm supposed to but there is very little enjoyment in the pursuit. I'll keep trying new receipes day I may find one that taste like "more".

Daisy Dilemma: If you are losing weight, do you have any right to complain?

Mood: Tired and hot

{{hugs}} It's hard work. I try to remind myself that we eat to live, we don't live to eat, and that helps with the whole tasteless thing. Thinking of it as 1 portion of protein for energy versus one crappy piece of fish helps, too.

Oh, yes, and Mrs. Dash is a nice sodium-free flavoring that you are allowed to have.

Oh no....if you're in a diet, then you're not in a position to complain. Just follow the rules. This is why I don't diet. I hate following the rules of dieters.

I am planning on a diet too but it's more to the exercise but yes I think im also gonna try your way and thank god i love fish, but not tasteless LOL, urghh....i need to get motivated!

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