Monday, July 10, 2006 it's in for the long haul!

New goals

Ok, last week was impressive!

10 pounds , 12 6 days . Now I'm totally spoiled and want to see the scale go down on a a daily basis and of course it isn't happening.

I want instant gratification! In this day of instant mashed potatoes, microwave foods it's hard to keep on keeping on. I used to reward myself with it's watching the scale go down.

I find it very difficult to eat every two or 3 hours. When I go to work I look like I'm carrying a picnic basket full of goodies just to get me through the 3 meals I need to eat. I should be eating 6 meals.....I'm having difficulty getting 5 meals in.

I adore grilled chicken but should probably be eating more fish.

I have noticed that I'm able to do with much less salt which is a good thing.

I need to start adding exercise to my rountine (Sigh) I hate exercising.

I keep waiting for the endorphins to kick in.......soon now, please, oh please.

It takes a long time to process all the fresh foods and have them available.

Daisy Dilemma: This isn't easy and it isn't fun!!!

Mood: Mrs. Cranky pants!

Woo hoo...good for you! You are doing good, stick with it! I have the same problem trying to eat atleast five small meals. I need to do that for my diabetes as well as everything else. It's hard to eat small amounts and hard to train your body to eat that often. I am looking forward to starting again next week.

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