Monday, July 24, 2006 

uh oh? .....not again?

I fell off the wagon today....actually I think I was pushed! Regardless , I blew my eating plan and now I'm beating myself up.

We have had a work team here from Savannah since Thursday so tonight Mr. Wonderful invitied them to our cottage in the country for dinner.

I ended up feeding 16 people in our small house. The weather was lovely so many ate outside on the picnic table, some ate on the porch and other ate inside. I served "finger food " and allowed people to graze. They all seemed to love it and it was a great success. Bad news was I loved it too and grazed right along with the crowd. It's not that I didn't know better I just decided that the food was ready and in front of my face and the food that I should be eating wasn't.

I'm sure my "dietary indiscretions" have caused me to lose some ground but I'm not quitting. Tomorrow is another day and I have called for a "do-over". They say confession is good for the soul so there......I've admitted it. Now back to our regularly scheduled program already in progress.

I did my two mile walk this morning with Leslie. Guess I'll try the three mile in the morning. I feel like I let myself down tonight but enough self inflicted wounds for now. I will make tomorrow a better day. I will follow my dietary rules. I will make it work!

Daisy Dilemma: Would I jump into a pool of sharks? Why am I so gullible?

Quote of the Day: "The future depends on what we do in the present." Mahatma Gandhi

Mood: feeling sad and stupid.

Don't beat yourself up too much over this! Pull a Scarlett O'Hara and start again tomorrow. Baby and I are cheering you on!

Love ya momma!

See baby and Becky are cheering you on...what a great crowd to have on your side and now you have me and I bet that Melli will be along soon too. You have to have set is just the way it is...Take care and start over again. that is the name of the game!!

Oh COME ON Daisy! 16 people for dinner and you expect yourself NOT to indulge? GET REAL girlfriend! This is the kind of stuff that it's important for you to know IS OKAY! Yes, it's a "momentary" set back -- and yes, that's ALL it is! One meal doesn't blow a whole entire way of being! You've definately got the RIGHT attitude, because today you are right back on it! Right? And that is what ya have to do! Allow yourself the "break" every now and then! Just don't start allowing "breaks" every day! (or even every other day! LOL!) But once a week, or once every two weeks to have a night out or to eat what the family eats... that's not the end of the world.

GREAT JOB on the exercise!!! Who is this Leslie anyway? Do I need to MEET her? Is this a video? I can always use something a little different to mix it up! Share please...

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