Wednesday, July 19, 2006 

Personal Motivation.......

Inspiration taken from Jorge Cruise's Book "8 minutes in the morning"

For many years, Randy Leamer had unsuccessfully tried to lose weight. But then one day, he became very motivated. Within a year, he lost more than 103 pounds. How did he do it? Where did he find the motivation?

Randy had what I call a Passion Reason. His 5-year-old daught was in serious need of a kidney transplant, and Randy was the only match. But he was so obese that doctors didn't want to perform the surgery; it was too risky. So without hesitation, Randy started eating properly and exercising daily. For the next 11 months , he never complained and never missed a workout. Once he lost the weight, he was able to donate his kidney and save his daughter's life. He has kept the weight off ever since.

You must find your own Passionate Reason by creating a Power List. Write down the three most important things in your life- then ask yourself what will you gain by losing weight? Your answers will help you create Passion Reasons. Review your passion reason every day."

My Power List: Know what you will gain

1. Good Health and increased engery.
p.r. : Being able to race after my grandchildren
p.r. : ability to be more adventurous

2. Being able to keep up with Mr. Wonderful
p.r. : being able to go on mission trips together
p.r.: putting more fun in our marriage

3. Putting the Wow Factor back in my life.
p.r.: being able to buy cute clothes
p.r.: being able to feel good in my body and about my body.
p.r.: fitting comfortably in chairs with arms.

I love this! My first set looks exactly like yours! I don't have any grandchildren yet, but boy, I sure do want some! And when they get here, I want to be able to take CARE of them!

But I have another passion too -- and that is ROLLER COASTERS! And I had gotten too big to ride them. Not just too big to ride "comfortably" -- too big to ride at all! So, I haven't been to one this year ... and I'm actually holding out. Even though I know I probably could fit in one this year, I want to wait until next summer when I can feel like I really NEED that lap belt! LOL!

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