Thursday, July 20, 2006 

Upsy Daisy!

As if exercising wasn't a jolt to my body I've just found out that sleep deprivation can cause you to gain weight too. Shoot now they tell me !! (after 25 years on the night shift!) Lack of sleep affects your levels of leptin, the hormone that makes you feel full, as well as slowing down your metabolism.

According to Jeorge Cruise ( 8 minutes in the morning) There are 3 major reasons for exercising in the morning.

  • boost your metabolism
  • lets you maintain consistency
  • allows you to enjoy your weight loss journey
Morning is the only time of day that most people can control...."as the day goes on, people pull out the bow and arrows and hunt for excuses not to exercise-like having to work a bit later,run errands, or go out with friend."

A study in Indiana University suggests that morning workouts reduce blood pressure. In fact, morning exercisers experienced an 8 point drop in systolic pressure ( top number) that lasted 11 hours. Their diastolic pressure (bottom number) dropped 6 points for up to 4 hours after exercise. Evening exercisers showed no significant reductions.

Leslie and I (Walk away the pounds) did our 2 mile high calorie burn walk this morning and I didn't die! It wasn't easy but I must be getting better as I recovered quicker.

Daisy Dilemma: Will I have to change my name to "Upsy Daisy"? Still waiting for the endorphins to kick in.....are you sure they are out there?

Quote of the Day: "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiam," Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mood: Sleep? (rah!) Exercise? (raw!)

As long as you're not OOPSY Daisy it will all work out fine! The endorphines are out there! YAY on your easier recovery today! :)

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