Tuesday, July 18, 2006 

Just add exercise and stir!

Two Left, Two Right......pant, pant, pant.

Ok, I'm exercizing but it doesn't mean I like it!

Sunday: 45 minutes on the stationary bike. Thought my butt was numb for life. Now I know why bikers have buns of steel. I can't imagine riding a bike for days in the mountains. Thought I would have to get Charlie to help me off. My legs felt like wobbly rubber bands when I finished.

Monday: Walked two miles with Leslie Sansone and never left my living room. I managed to work up a sweat and I can feel it in my lower body muscles. Also added Jeorge Cruise "8 minutes in the morning" I was sure there should have been a greasy spot on the floor from all the fat falling off me (there wasn't).

Tuesday: Dragged my body into the living room to walk with Leslie. She seemed a lot more enthusiastic about the two mile walk than I was. We both finished in 30 minutes.....still waiting for endorphins to kick in. Jeorge and I did Day 2 new muscle group "8 minutes in the morning" (personally thought my arms would fall off.....they didn't) It's not 8:15 in the morning I've exercised, showered, dressed , eaten, packed my lunch and snacks and off for a full day at work. Still waiting for endorphins to show up>

Daisy Dilemma: When does the endorphins kick in? Does it ever get easier?

Mood: hot, hot, hot

It DOES get easier! It really does! But not for a few months I'm afraid. And once it starts to get easier, then you have to figure out ways to make it harder again! LOL! Bump up the resistance on the bike... Walk UP hill... Join the gym! I am SO proud of you! Wow! You are really embracing this! That is WONDERFUL! Did you take "before" pics? Don't be like me and forget to do it until you've lost 13 pounds already! I hope you took some before you started! Then I can't wait to SEE your progress! *clapping* (all for you!!!)

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