Saturday, July 22, 2006 

Ahhhh...Let's Hear it for the old life!

This used to be my motto....but not anymore. There's nothing fast about this diet. Seems like I'm cooking more and more as I eat 5 to 6 meals a day.

Just going to work requires three meals. It looks like I'm going on a picnic by myself!

I do try to cook "ahead" when I am at home. This week I won't be home much so it's "take it with you time!"

I've exercised every morning now.

Wish I could say it was a fun experience. It's still not fun and is a major chore. How long do you have to do something till it becomes a habit?

Exercise is against my religion....I'm a devout loafer! I didn't get the name Lazy Daisy because I'm a ball of energy! The only thing I can say is that I must be getting more endurance as it's not the religious experienec it once was...(Catch me Jesus, here I come!)

I wish I was more like Melli ( Congrats on the 40 plus pounds, you look lucious girl!) or Flip Flop Floozie who's lost over 30 inches! (Woo Hoo Girl!). They are all motivated and success stories.

I even hate to mention that I'm trying to lose weight as I've tried and failed so often. I really hate to see "the Look" on the faces that seem to say, "It's about time big girl!" or the strained look that says, "Just setting yourself up for failure again, eh?"

Daisy Dilemma: My personality is that I start off great...I just never go the distance to the goal. Will this time be different or will I lose heart and give up?

Quote of the the Day: "You must do the thing you think you cannot do." Eleanor Roosevelt

Mood: pleased but fearful

It takes a long. time. LONG. But you're doing SO well, it would be a shame to stop now. I know how hard it is to think about it - Exercise. Food. Diet. Food. Eating. Drinking. It is really draining - and can burn you out. I can only advise that you look at it as your new way of doing things on a permanent level, and look 2 years down the road, when things ARE habitual, and those perfect size 10's fit just right, and your energy level is up and your Doctor gives you the cleanest bill of health you've ever seen. Realistically, that's always going to be a year away, so don't be too discouraged at small progression - it's all about the big picture, and that beautiful baby coming soon!!


Leanne's got it right! But I'll tell ya what... it really is sO much easier knowing you have people who are REALLY on your side and really WANT you to succeed! And believe me -- I WANT you to succeed! So... Let's make a plan! And this can work to BOTH of our benefits! Pick a goal (not to far in the future)... maybe let's say 20 more pounds? And when you HIT that goal, you and I will meet and have lunch somewhere! (a nice salad!) LOL! No... a treat! (because you DO deserve a treat every now and then!) What d'ya think?

Boy I would take Melli up on that one!! I would love to meet too but I think that would be a long meet for you and I!! I would love to meet Melli too (since I know you really well)smile!! You can do it dear!! I know that you can.
They say it takes 30 days to make a habit!! Keep it up and just keep smiling. I think that I have my curves down to a habit now. Course I pay to go but I still think it is a habit by now. I am going to come here and read every day now...take care and know that you do have a lot of people on your SIDE!!! Sandy

Melli, there are 16 weeks between July 4 th and the start of all the fattening fall festivites (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas!) I'd love to meet with you but I've got to tell you that 20 more pounds sure sounds intimidating. I'll take you up on your challenge though. Thanks!

YAY! :)

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