Sunday, July 23, 2006 

Carrot on a stick challenge!

Ok, maybe complaining does help. Yes, I know I've moaned and groaned and worn sack cloth and ashes throughout this dieting adventure.

Yes, I'm entirely aware much to my dismay that exercising does seem to help. (grumble, grumble, complain, complain!) Oh Drat! Who knew? I thought it was just a vicious rumor!

I've lost 13 pounds in three weeks and ultimately 20 pounds since I started this dieting adventure in January. (Ok, so there has been some rather long lengthy detours but it's still progres.)

This is the part of this eating plan that starts getting tricky for me. I've had some measure of success and people are starting to ask me if I cut my hair or have new glasses. (Usually I have to lose at least 25 pounds before anyone notices.....except Mr. Wonderful who tells me that my ear lobes are looking way thinner!)

This is the part where my resolve starts to get thinner and my motivation starts to wan. This is the part where all the veggies and green things take on a life of their own and I begin to feel that I may never reach the goal so why bother. This is the part that I dream that I am huge hungry rabbit locked out of Farmer MacGregors garden and forced to look at the object of my desire only inches away but still unobtainable. (I'm sure there is deep psychological trauma there that I will chose to ignore, thank you very much)

But there may be hope yet....a carrot on a stick has been offered by Melli ( the dieting goddess of exercise and the stationery bike!) Melli is my hero having already lost over 40 pounds and highly motivated to reach her goal. She has offered to meet with me in a celebration lunch if I take on the challenge of losing 20 more pounds! ( Are you sure you wouldn't take a kidney instead? )

I'm thrilled, I'm honored, I'm terrified relunctant to say yes as I don't want to add one more disappointment challenge to my life. I hate disappointing anyone and given my track record in the past....I'm a long shot on the horse race of life!

Daisy Dilemma: Long shots have big pay offs right?

Quote of the Day: "Vision: the art of seeing things invisible." Jonathan Swift

Mood: I'm betting on me! Melli, it's a deal!

I'M betting on you! I knOw you can do it!!! Just keep thinking about how much better you feel already -- and believe me, it's going to get even better! I honestly can't BELIEVE how much better I'm feeling these days -- and how much more energy I have!

I used to have SEVERE problems with "swelling" -- my feet, ankles, legs would be double their normal size by evening - and that was WITH taking a diuretic - twice a day! Well... I quit taking the diuretics a couple of months ago, and I NEVER swell at all anymore! It's sO great!

My joints are feeling much better too! I have arthritis in all my joints and it was really getting quite debilitating (sp?) ... but not anymore! NOW I can control the pain with a little extra stretching and a little more movement! Whoda thunk it!?

So, now on the days when I just really dooooon't want to get moving, I ask myself if I want to go back to feeling like I did 5 months ago. MY answer is a decided NO! And so I move! It's not that I love DOING it ... well, I do love the Curves thing... but I LOVE the way it makes me feel! ;)

Yes, I am on Melli's side!! She is doing so well and I know that you can do it too!! We are pulling for you!! You are a beautiful woman on the inside and on the OUTSIDE!! I know that you can do it!!
You will feel so much better. I love the way that I feel anymore. I know that I am doing something for ME!! I have always done for others and NOW it is time for me. Keep up the good work. You have people pulling for you...Sandy

Try drinking excessively; displace your food thing into an inebriation thing.

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