Wednesday, July 05, 2006 

72 Hours into the new eating plan......

Alright, 3 days into the new eating plan and I lost another 2 pounds this morning.

I didn't get all my meals in yesterday as we went to a long movie and did some grocery shopping so that probably had an effect on the plan to.

Can't say that I'm loving all the no fat, no sugar, no salt.

I am loving the results on the scale so far.

After six days you can shift over to the the 6 Week body make over.

I just read one of my older post that says the longer you go with your new eating plan the less the cravings for old trigger foods will be......hmmm, can hardly wait for that to kick in.

My one real treat is my morning coffee (yes, it has flavored creamer in it...wanna fight?) Mr. Wonderful always fixes it and brings it to me. What a sweetie!

Daisy Dilemma: When I'm serious about losing weight, I lose perspective in all other areas. I don't like being obcessive compulsive but in order to succeed I have to concentrate on me, my exercise, my food etc. It takes time away from other things I used to do for others. Should I feel guilty about it?

Mood: Crummy, but delighted with the results so far.

No, don't feel guilty! Be careful about burnout though. All that thinking about food and what you can eat, can't eat, is it time to eat, what to make - that can really make you sick of "dieting". That's usually when I quit, when it consumes the entire day and I can't get anything else done.

You're still doing great! Try your coffee black - it takes a few days to get used to, definitely. You'll notice a difference though. :)


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