Monday, July 03, 2006 

Ok.....24 hours into the new eating plan

Saturday I bought the new paperback 6 Day Body Makeover by Michael Thurmond. Guarenteed to help you drop at least one dress size in a a week. I also have the 6 week body make over cause I believe it will certainly take longer than 6 days to whip this body into shape.

I started yesterday. It wasn't fun. The food was less than exciting and I was less than thrilled.

Mr. Wonderful is very understanding and supportive. He has lots of microwavable meals in the freezer as he has an entirely different body type, loves his carbs, and salt shaker which difinitely is not a part of this plan.

We bought lots of fish. I've never been a big fish eater. I'm determined to learn to love it.

The new book has some really good receipes that I'm determined to try out . We've decided to do chicken kabobs to grill out tomorrow. He's got some manly brauts to grill for him.

I've made some sugar free jello to go with strawberries, rasberries and blue berries and yes...(don't tell Michael but I'm sure a dollop of fat free whip cream may just end up being on top.) After all it is the 4th of July....there should be some form of excitment even for dieters!)

Today I'm cooking turkey, chicken and fish and measuring it out into the appropriate portion size. I run into trouble when I'm hungry and there's nothing to eat.

I've made some discoveries that help considerably. There are small cans of no-sodium added tuna that comes in a 3 oz can. Perfect for a snack with steamed veggies or lovely greens. (Yum)

Molly McButter has no sodium and no fat and also comes in cheese flavor.....shake on a baked potatoe or sweet potatoe (wow it really helps). Also Praise the Lord for "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! " spray . It may be pure plastic that I'm spraying on my food but it at least provides some taste with out salt or fat.

I just made Oven Potatoe Chips sprinkled with garlic powder and paprika. It wasn't bad (actually a nice change) cept it's really hard to slice the potatoe thin enough. Haven't got a handle on it yet. Some were burned, most were too thick but yes Goldilocks there were a few that were just right! See how little it take to get this girl excited!

The Pay Off: The scale said I was down by 3 pounds this morning! Hit the music, cue the lights, Happy Dance beginning. Bear in mind there is really a lot of me to love and I'm sure a lot of it is water retention (My ankels weren't puffy this morning!) A loss is a loss so I'm taking it to the bank.

Daisy Dilemma: How long will it take me to discover which receipes I like, or how long will it take me till I've lost all sense of taste and probably my will to live as well.

Mood: The drama queen lives

Go momma! Baby and I are behind you, 100%. Proud of you.

Potato slicing tip - Buy an OXO "mandelin" - it's a handy slicing tool and you can slice a potato paper thin in seconds. It's a little pricey, but not nearly as expensive as a french mandelin - and once you have it, you will find many uses for it!

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