Sunday, July 16, 2006 

Go Granny Go!

Just got the go ahead. I can officially post it. I'm finally going to be a grandmother!

Woo Hoo.....happy dance time! (I wonder how many calories that will burn off?) I actually was told in May and asked not to post it for a while. I guess the new mommy had no idea how hard that is for old mommies not to tell.

So the diet and exercise takes on a new dimension. I want to be able to play with my grandbabies and be able to hop on a jet and be there at a moment's notice.

I want to whisk them away every summer for some DIVA and Poppa time. Yes, it's offical! There will be no grannies here only Diva dearest! After all with all the weight I'll be losing I definitely will be a Diva.

I've already told Mr. Wonderful I intend to become a clothes horse too! So I body, hot clothes, dye my hair....definitely Diva time.

The blessed event is expected late January of o7. All the more reason to kick this diet into gear. Watch my dust! Go granny Diva Go!

GREAT BIG HUUUUUUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am ever sooooo green with jealousy! I have been waiting for what seems an eternity now for news of impending grandmahood... and nothing. Nope. Notta. YOU are the luckiest woman alive today! I am just dieing to make that very same announcement! You GO Granny Diva!

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