Wednesday, November 07, 2007 

The Battle that's going on in my Head.

Me Go Back to Weight Watcher? AAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!

I started my love/hate relationship with WW January 2006. I know I need accountability in my life but do I really need the added aggravation?

The resident lecturer, Miss Chirpy, totally brings out the snark in me. She is over the top when it comes to motivation and then there is always the "death march to the scale" to look forward to ( and don't even get me started with "scale lady".)

To add insult to injury I get to pay 11 dollars a week for the privilege of "feeling like dirt" and being obsessive compulsive about everything that goes into my mouth. ( OOO, ooo.....sign me up!)

I do have a friend Elwood, who has lost 45 pounds through WW and of course he is the "Poster Boy" for all things WW. I'm not sure if sitting next to him would make me feel better or worse, and I certainly don't want to have any more notoriety than I already have, being the towns fat person. Elwood is an older gentleman and about the only male that of course he stands out in the crowd. (Not that I don't!)

The meeting is tomorrow at 5.....the battle in my head far there are more Con's than Pros.

Daisy Dilemma: How is it that my distress is such a matter of amusement for some people I know and love?

Our town is so small that I actually think the WW meetings is the only source of entertainment.

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Darlin' -- honestly I LAUGH because I sO totally AGREE with you! I GET it! I don't DO Weight Watchers! (I don't DO Tupperware or any home party sales either!) WHY? Because CHIRPY people annoy the heck out of ME too! UNLESS of course, I am the chirpER! THEN it's okay! Obviously.

I knOw you hate it! I know WHY you hate it! I would HATE it too! As a matter of fact, I will go right ahead and HATE it along side you! BUT... you WANT the lap band surgery, and this is "a" step you must take... and sooooooo... we BETTER laugh about it and have FUN with it -- cuz otherwise you're gonna CRY, throw a Pity Party and wanna be Pharisee... and I really REALLY hate it when you wanna be a Pharisee! :P

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