Wednesday, January 02, 2008 

2 Down only 363 to go!

Well, day 2 of the new year went quite well. My "make good choices "theme went well and I feel that I really did make some really good choices both in what I choice to eat as well as how I spent my time.

This morning I emailed all my Christmas thank you notes, emailed my friends and family and had a long lengthy time for Bible study and reflection. I was amazed how much better my day went and how much work actually got accomplished.

I couldn't find my new calendar at work which was some what frustrating. I was hoping to schedule some dates for our mission's Prayer Days and book some youth groups for working on Saturdays. I can't find it looks like this wasn't the day I needed to pursue this task.

I'm not writing down everything I ate....but I have been very aware of absolutely everything that has gone into my mouth. I'm trying not to be too pleased with myself as I know I always start off's just that darn "middle part" that seems to get me.

Quote of the Day:

"Enthusiasm is the greatest asset in the
world. It beats money and
power and
influence. It is no more or less
than faith in action."
- Henry Chester


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