Wednesday, October 24, 2007 

Hip Hip Hippo-Ray!

Yesterday started out bad and only got continually worse. My Mr. Wonderful is never sick but when he is there is absolutely no one in the world that is sicker.

Yesterday any movement at all would make him nauseated and retching. Mr. Wonderful does not throw up well and this Daisy is highly while he was retching I was actually throwing up just at the thought of him throwing up. (yes, I am a nurse but noise and smells get me every time and it's only gotten worse as I age!)

My friend mompoet actually said it best:
It's possible that Mr. Wonderful getting sick is an indicator that you both finally have time for it. You've had such an eventful and demanding 6 months, culminating in the big container job, his interview and your days away. Does this mean that life is finally settling down, and you now have the luxury to get sick if you need too?
Wow, I never thought of it that way before.....thanks for the "Aha" moment. Our bodies are so finely attuned that when we push them too hard and for too long they shut down. Mr. Wonderful is getting the much needed rest he needs whether he wants to or not.

He is much better today. He slept all night and is still a little dizzy when moving around. He is able to keep food down (so maybe I will be able to also!)

I have therapy this afternoon and I'm sure I'll be fussed's not like I didn't walk the way to Savannah and back ! (Well, I did to my weigh of thinking!)

Thought for the day: Boy am I enthusiastic!

"Enthusiasm spells the difference between
mediocrity and accomplishment."
- Norman Vincent Peale


Oh PUH-leeeeze! You did NOT walk the way to Savannah and back! I know because I listened to you sing PRAISE songs alllllllll the way there and part the way back! And I'm pretty sure you were in/out/NEAR my car when the lock-out occurred! ROFL!!! Now... you just get on over to the therapist - and tell him I said to WORK that thang!!!

My goodness, I hope things are going better in the health department! As this post is some days old, I assume so. YIKES!!

Hello from Speedcat Hollydale :-) / How did you make your way to my page? ...anyway, nice to meet you.

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