Tuesday, November 06, 2007 

Back on the Wagon....

I went to see my doctor yesterday for my monthly weigh-in. I lost 1 pound (which I will call a grace pound) since I did nothing to deserve it.

One month ago I went to see my doctor and asked him to refer me to a doctor that does lap-band surgery. My older sister had it done over a year ago and has lost over 90 pounds and 10 dress sizes. She has graciously offered to pay for the surgery if I could find some one in our area that does this kind of surgery and will also do the follow up.

I meet all the qualifications so thought getting a referral would be simple. As it turns out even if you are not paying with insurance you have to be supervised by your primary care physician for 3 months in a weight loss program. The month was mostly over by the time I learned about the stipulations and lets face it......I'm a stress eater and this past month has been very stressful.

Having no insurance means paying 104 dollars to my physician just so he can weigh me and chart it down. I did get the lecture that I expected about all the problems being over weight can cause and what I should be doing. I listen attentively and agreed in all the right places. We did come to some compromises which are these.

1. He only charged me 52 dollars for the visit and counted it as being supervised for the first month.

2. Next month I am scheduled to weigh in with this nurse and she will chart it down.

3. I am required to join Weight Watcher (despite my love/hate relationship with this organization and it's all too perky meeting leaders) for weekly accountability and to bring in my food diary . Ouch that hurt!!

4. I have an appointment with him on Dec. 5th which hopefully means he will then be able to get the referral I requested probably sometime by the first of the year.

5. He gave me three month samples of Lipitor.

6. He restored my hope!

Daisy Dilemma: Can I tolerate two months of perky and going back to Weigh Watchers which I loath with all my little daisy heart? The meetings totally bring out the snarky side of my personality.


You can DO it! *clap clap clapclap*
Put your mind to it! *clap clap clapclap*

Daisy, dear? Weight Watchers HEARTS you!!! But maybe... MAYBE... just for the next two months, you should be a bird instead of a flower... you know... since you live in a nest and all... you could be "Snarky Meadow Larky"??? *ducks*... I'm just sayin'...

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