Wednesday, September 19, 2007 

I am a Yo Yo!

I had a chemistry teacher who once used to refer to me as a"yo-yo". It wasn't a term of endearment, but rather an explanation of how simple minded I was, unable to grasp more complex concepts. I'm being to think that maybe she was right.

I'm back from vacation 9 pounds heavier than when I left.

I would love to blame it on gravitational pull or a shifting of the earth but I'm pretty sure chocolate and it's cousins would be a contributing factor.

I know that all this" going up and down" on the scale is not a good thing. I also know what I should eat and what I should stay away from. I've been down this road countless times.....the path is well worn from my good intentions.

I watched "Biggest Loser" last night and saw how disappointed many of them were when they lost 3 pounds instead of big numbers like they were hoping. I'm convinced that I'm hoping to be thin some day without any responsibility or sweat on my part.

Surprise, it's not happening! So it's back to putting one foot in front of the other and making the right choices. It's back to being responsible for what I put in my mouth and getting back into the game. I think I may just have to shorten that string on my yo-yo so my lows aren't such a dramatic dip.

Stress at work, stress at home, anxiety plagues me where ever I roam!

Daisy Dilemma: Any one got some scissors?

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*hands Daisy scissors* ... when you're done with those can I have the left-over string? I wanna go hang myself!

... wanders off completely UNwilling to speak of "weighty" issues...

*thinks to herself* i work in a gym... why am I gaining?... something is wrong with this picture...

Yeap i understand completely. i understand melli too..i work at CURVES and I am still stuck at the same weight!! WHY!??? i have not the foggiest!! I think we are meant to be this weight. i dont know what could the reason be? WE cant stop eating..that is not the answer so what is the answer? Hmmm!! Wish i could tell you!! I see women come in all of the time and they are so discouraged. At least I am one that is not a skinny minny and they can feel better around me.
Good post!! Writing it down might help some.

There's nothing else to do but to keep on keeping on.

did you ever read the quote on my profile page?

"I don't know why I did it, I don't know why I enjoyed it, and I don't know why I'll do it again." - Socrates

So it's an age old dilemma, why do we do that which we do not to do?

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