Friday, September 01, 2006 

Player yet to be announced!

Finally heard from our darling daughter that the baby's first pictures are adorable. The doctor is pleased that everything looks normal and we are having a healthy baby. (Thank you Jesus!)

Our baby is a very modest baby so he or she is still a "surprise package" and will remain a surprise till delivery. All of my babies were surprises so I can live with that.....daydreaming is part of the fun of waiting.

Speaking of waiting.....we are waiting on Ernesto this morning. We will definitely be getting rain and possibly some flooding. Our cable and consequently our computer was down yesterday at intervals so thought I would post this now.

We are looking forward to some down time. I made Mr. Wonderful take Monday and Friday off just so "our soul" can catch up with our bodies.

So this little one was not giving up showing any of its parts...OKAY!! well I love surprises!! That is the only way that we found out...WAITING!!
Have a great day!!!

I prefer NOT knowing what babies are until they get here! I'm sure your daughter was probably disappointed though -- she's living in a different era than when WE delivered OUR babies! So... tell her patience, patience... and we will ALL look forward to finding out in January!

Ernesto found US yesterday -- and knocked our power out in the early evening - around 6ish - and we stayed without until around 4ish this afternoon. We made out okay though -- we have a generator and plugged in the fridge - so we didn't lose anything. THAT was nice! And now he's moved on his way. We got LOTS of good rain though! I loved it!

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