Wednesday, September 06, 2006 

12 Week three apples a day plan

I love apples.....probably why I'm apple shaped!

I especially love apples in the fall. I love apple anything. Apple pie, apple sauce, baked apples, apple salad,....well you get the picture. So I am back to eating apples for snacks or just before eating a meal. I like the crunchy texture and the natural sweetness of apples takes away my cravings for something sweet. Just call me Johnny Appleseed.

I like the fact that apples travel easily and don't need special equipment. I like that they are low on the glycemic index and that they are high in dietary fiber. I also like that they are pretty cheap right now too.

So I have decided to incorporate 3 apples a day into the next 12 weeks of dieting and exercising. (Twelve weeks will pass by whether I'm with the program or not!) My overall goal for the 12 weeks is 30 pounds.

My biggest goal is staying motivated. Motivation comes from within. Webster defines "motivation as a mental force to induce an act or purpose." Inspiration is any influence that inspires thought or action.

Determining my goals:

1. I'm looking at losing about 2 1/2 pounds a week or 10 pounds a month.
2. I'm looking at dropping 3 dress sizes (approximately 10 pounds= 1 dress size) I have a pair of skinny jeans that I am putting on the outside of closet so that they are visible. If you see it, you can achieve it!
3. I want to lose one inch per month off my hips, waist and stomach areas. So I have measured those areas as a starting point.
4. I want to lower my choslesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure through diet and exercise and will get them redrawn at the end of 12 weeks.
5. Increase my energy and endurace through improved eating and exercise. I will keep a food and exercise journal.
6. I will commit to eating breakfast every day and eliminate nightly grazing.

So far so good. My eating has been good, no grazing last night ( I did have a cup of hot tea at midnight as I was really congested and it really seemed to clear my head.) I walked three miles with Leslie (and lived) and my BP has been really low 113/68. I've gotten my water in and life is good. Today has been productive. I did weight training (moving 30 to 40 pounds of clothing) all afternoon and my attitude is really good too.

Life is sweet and crunchy (just like my apples!)

Well! You are just the APPLE of my eye! And just as sweet too! Good for you setting those goals! I'm not very good at creating the "short term" goals. I just have my eye on the big picture ... but I really SHOULD create short term goals for myself! I think that's a big help! I definately DO think the food and exercise journal will be a huge help for you! WAY TO GO!!!

Now what a good, positive and wonderful uplifting post!! Wow!! what a great way to look at losing weight. I wish I could look at it that way!! I am just not going to get all upset with it anymore. I go tomorrow to weigh and If I loss I loss if I gain I gain!! I cannot let it rule my life..There are more important things in my life....You have a great plan set up..NOW the hard part is sticking with it...BUT you CAN DO IT!!!

That sounds like a great plan. I love to see people having their goals and their plans for acheiving them all laid out. I truly think planning like that helps you to get where you are going.

BOY, do have some inspiration for you up on MY blog today!!!

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