Thursday, August 31, 2006 

Life in Balance.....

Well, the "episode" has pasted. My BP was 113/68 this morning....(Woo hoo!). Same old aches and pains but nothing noteworthy of a "systems check".

I took Leslie on for 3 miles this morning. She dragged my butt all over the living room but both of us survived. (Her perkiness level never seemed to waver....even though mine went from perky to pooped).

I'm sitting by the phone to hear from daughter number one on the sex of our baby. How is it that the phone never rings when you want it too?

The scale is finally moving in correct direction .....(down by 4 pounds so far!) I would do a happy dance but I've had the victory dance over these pounds before so it would just be a rerun dance.

I have some fabulous clothes from my sister. I have clothes I can wear right now, some the next size down and some smaller than that. Wow, something to look forward to!!

Her "leftovers" were a lot better than my "first overs!" She has lost 40 pounds now. I have too! (only my were yoyo pounds so they don't count!) But I digress.....looking fabulous certainly helps you self esteem.
I may have to get Mr. Wonderful to take me out on the town!

Daisy Dilemma: Life in Balance? there's a concept.

Quote of the Day: Self delusion is pulling in your stomach when you step on the scales. - Paul Sweeney

Mood: excited! even more so when ever I hear about my new baby!

I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better!! WHEW!! that makes me feel better. I need to sit down and finish my study on DANIEL now! Ernesto missed us here in Savannah. I hope it does nothing to you guys either.
I know you will let us know about the sex of your new grandbaby. I will keep checking back.

Glad you are feeling better and that your BP is down to a good number. It's scarey how it makes you feel.

Any word on the baby yet? Pink or blue, or both?

I'm glad you're feeling better and I'm eager to hear about the baby!

Do NOT minimize those pounds just cuz you're losing them for the 2nd time around! You still LOST them! You might have said forget the whole thing and continued gaining more -- but you DIDN'T! You got back on the wagon and LOST them! YAY YOU!!! Glad your BP is doing better too! That was scary. And I know it makes you feel REALLY yuck!

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