Saturday, September 02, 2006 

If Only it were that simple.

Dear Fat Fairy,

Please take the five pounds you will find under the blanket as I sleep. May I suggest 5 pounds from my belly, hip or backside as there is plenty there and won't be missed. I know you are overworked, so I have been trying very hard to make your work easier by eating sensibly and exercising.

Since I understand that weight is neither lost or gained may I suggest you give it to an anorexic or child from a third world country. This is on permanet loan so feel free to take more! Thanks for your help.

Deparate Dieting Daisy!

Oh my gosh! Does she take fat and leave MONEY, like the toothfairy??? LOL! Send her 'round to see me! Even if it's freebies - she can still have some of mine!

She would not have to leave money under MY PILLOW..Just take the FAT and get out!! So problem for me!! GREAT POST as always.
Madison pulled another tooth yesterday (speaking of the other fairy). I told her if she would get that thing out of there..IT WAS JUST HANGING..that I would get her her favorite ....Hershey candy bar. boy, she started working on it like she was getting a million dollars!! Out that thing came..right there in the food court at the MALL!! Cheapest bribe yet!!!

That kind of fairy would be my HERO!

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