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15 Weight-Loss Tips That Work
By Liz Zack 24/11/2004

Need some great suggestions on how to lose weight and keep it off for good? Few people know the road to weight-loss better than those who've already traveled it. We spoke to more than a dozen people, all of whom have lost between 26 and 94 pounds*, and asked them for their best tips on how to slim down.

If you've gotta splurge, splurge on veggies instead of chocolate. – Deena (lost 73 lbs*.)

I don't save too-big clothes anymore. If it's not a 10 or smaller, it goes to Goodwill! – Susan (lost 26 lbs*.)

A portion primer: Have half of what other people consider a "regular" serving. – Hilda (lost 45 lbs*.)

Weight management starts in the grocery store. Don't bring it home if you can't control it. – Stephanie (lost 35 lbs*.)

I love regular soda and hated the diet stuff until I started adding a lemon slice — instant taste! – Michelle (lost 65 lbs*.)

Try 94% fat-free microwave popcorn. If I'm in the mood for spice, I add Cajun seasoning. If I want sweet, I'll sprinkle one packet of sugar on it. – Helene (lost 94 lbs*.)

Rather than pouring dressing all over your salad, dip your fork into the dressing (which you order on the side) before spearing the lettuce. You'll be using 1/3 the dressing but getting a satisfying taste. – Diane (lost 50 lbs*.)

It's not about eating as little as possible but eating what your body needs. Eating too little may slow down your metabolism. – Amy (lost 35 lbs*.)

When you're at a party, split one portion in two. Then you can go back for seconds. – Karen (lost 91 lbs*.)

Look your best during the losing process. Don't wait to buy new clothes until you've reached your goal weight. Buy pants that fit you now. – Stephanie (lost 35 lbs*.)

I do a lot of self-talk. I keep telling myself, "I don't need this chocolate bar. I don't need this chocolate bar." – Caroline (lost 37 lbs*.)

Substitute a small spoon for the bigger one. That way you can enjoy the cereal, soup, whatever for a longer period of time. And keep a one-cup bowl handy so that you don't have to measure all the time. – Ricardo (lost 61 lbs*.)

Frozen dinners are a quick and easy way to watch your calorie intake and portion size — especially if you're working late and might otherwise order take-out! – Sandra (lost 44 lbs*.)

Don't give up your favourite high-fat recipes, just tweak them and make smart substitutions. – Michelle (lost 81 lbs*.)

My friends and I love to eat out socially — a lot. Still, I've found that if I bring a snack or eat before I join them, I set myself up for success. – Nicole (lost 56 lbs*.

I am glad you liked the post! I love to hear advice from people who have achieved success.

I do that salad thing -- dipping the fork instead of putting the dressing on the salad. That is a GREAT way to save calories! These are good tips! My favorite thing I do is to park as far away from the store as I can. Walk the extra steps - they all add up!

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