Friday, August 25, 2006 

Special Recognition Award!

This is a SHOUT my favorite floozie (as a matter of fact the only self- professed floozie I good friend Flip Flop (aka Sandy).

Sandy has been going through a really down time lately and occasionally forgets how special she really is to all of us who know her.

She recently did her count down of blessings and this was one of her entries!
"I am blessed with having lost 25 lbs. and 30 inches...lets not forget that!!"

Since this is my weight loss blog, I believe in celebrating life and applauding each other's victories. Weight loss may be a million dollar business but it is also a very long lonely personal journey. This journey has many set-backs and disappointments along the way and it is easy to get distracted or even quit. It is so encouraging to have cheerleaders and (butt-kickers) along the way to cheer us on or draw from their strength when ours have been depleated.

So the "Smelly Sneakers Award" goes to Flip Flop Floozie for her faithfulness in going to curves and for her incredible shrinking figure. You Go Girl.....You have always been my hero.

That ol' Floozie girl IS the greatest! She keeps us all motivated and going strong, doesn't she? And she is doing fabulous!

And.... I didn't lost 10 pounds this week... but I think my progress is worth a peek at my blog anyway! ;)

Soooooo what's up with YOU Miss Thing?
Are you back on track? Still faltering? Crawling through the mud-pie? What's UP? Cuz THIS blog is really about cheering YOU on!!! Are you a betting woman? Shall we do a little competition? Name your weapon! I'm up for whatEVER!

That's sweet! Encouragement & support are wonders in the battle against the bluge!

Well, I must thank you for that great tribute!! I came to see how you are doing but found that you were doing something special for me!! Thanks so much. I am doing much better now thank-you!! But still I do not know how you are doing!!
You have to keep on the track and keep looking forward and not thinking of what is behind!! I know that you can do it. Just keep going!!
PS I miss you!!!

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