Monday, August 28, 2006 

So much for today!

Ok, I got through the day......I excercised, I ate well, I got a few tasks where is the promised endorphines? Where's the buzz, the elation, the BOY AM I EXCITED attitude?

I made myself do it today......and I will make myself do it tomorrow.

Does it ever get easier?

Fact: The average American adult comsumes three hamburgers and four orders of fries every week. Wow! That's hard to believe!

Fact: Our perception of our own attractiveness gets better with time. Women tend to think they look prettier now than they did a few months ago and they expect to get even better-looking in the future.

Researchers say this tendency to downgrade your old self and upgrade the person you are today helps you feel better about where you are right now.'s to getting better looking tomorrow.

P.S. Think I just figured out why I'm so glum chum.....think I'll follow my own advice ...see soul stretch on Lazy Daisy Log.

I think this journey does get easier with time. I don't think it ever becomes second nature to some of us but it does become easier.

Daisy girl... It does get easier... really it does. BUT... (isn't there always a but... ) ... BUT we ALL have problems convincing ourselves to do this SOME of the time. And I believe that the busier our lives are, the harder it is to convince ourselves. I've been home all summer not working at all -- and I STILL have to convince myself to get moving... GO to Curves... GET ON the bike... TURN ON the dvd... cuz really I'd much rather sit here on the computer and play with all my friends! I also have to convince myself to DO the dishes, VACUUM the house, DUST the furniture... oh yes... SCRUB the tub... UGH! I like a clean house, but I HATE cleaning it! I WANT a healthy, trim body -- but exericse is another story. EXCEPT that I DO fine now that after I've done my Curves, I DO have more energy and it's easier to get myself to GET ON the bike! Or TURN ON the dvd. I have also started keeping a seperate calendar JUST for my exercise. I write down everything I do each day -- Curves (if I do an extra lap around the circuit then I get a Curves + ), Hula Hoop - 10 min., Bike - 50 min., WOTP ... whatever! Whatever I did that day I write it on the calendar -- and then I can SEE right away each day where I stand for the week. If I don't have at least 5 days with at least an hour a day of SOMEthing I know I'm not lookin' too good ... probably will not register a loss...
I'm really not "in" to keeping track of every bite that enters my mouth... but I definately DO keep track of my exercise. I'm CAREFUL about what enters my mouth -- very careful -- but I also DO eat out every Tuesday night and on occassion I have lunch with a friend! I try to make sure I have done enough exercise during the week to make up for any badness I've allowed myself in the food department! Just puttin' it out there -- it might help you too!

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