Thursday, August 17, 2006 

You are what you eat?

I am what I eat ???
If it were true I am what I eat,
I'd have hamburgers instead of feet.

I'd have hot-dogs instead of toes,
bananas for fingers and a cucumber nose.

I'd have a cabbage in place of my head,

And I'd have no thighs, just two loaves of bread.
I'd have Jell-O arms that shake and jiggle,
And cauliflower ears that I could not wiggle.

I'd have drumsticks instead of legs,
And I'd have no eyes, just two boiled eggs.
I guess this big pizza on which I sit,
Is the reason my slacks don't fit.

I'd surely have oatmeal where my brain should be,
If I really believed this applied to me.
For I don't believe that saying is true,
I am not what I eat and neither are you.
~Author Unknown~

CUUUUUTE! Gee.... I may have to steal it one day... *G*

Too funny! I love this!

Way too good...makes sense to me. We would all be funny looking...Can't you just picture yourself?? smile!

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