Tuesday, August 15, 2006 

Stress-Overeating Triggers

Here's What to Do:

  • Check for those stress-overeating triggers and get help from a counselor if you need help assessing your current stress management.
  • Prevent the problem from getting worse by integrating physical activity into your daily life. Walk two to three miles a day; it will help calm you down throughout the day and also curb your appetite.
  • Get up and get busy. Rip a closet apart, clean your car or consider cleaning something that definitely won't make you want to eat — like your cat's litter box!
  • Eat to prevent stress overeating by never skipping meals, and making sure you get that mid-afternoon mini meal-snack in — high quality protein, fat and carbs. How about a cup of soup and a piece of fruit, one-half of a sandwich of whole-wheat pita and chicken or turkey, or yogurt with sliced almonds in it?
  • Try to have protein at every meal, as it's satisfying and helps when you feel vulnerable to stress overeating.
  • Late-night overeating can be helped with appropriate substitutions, including low-fat energy bars. Jellos and nonfat puddings topped with nonfat whipped topping, or a piece of low-fat cheese and fruit also help.
  • Look for things that give you joy — whether it's a painting, a funny book or a treasured paperweight. They can help to calm you down when you're stressed.

In the best of all worlds, it's best to address the stress and learn to stop chewing on it — with healthy food!

See, I don't think I really have stress related eating. For the mOst part I don't have much stress in my life. The stress that I DO have is liable to be child induced or pet induced... and it's going to be something that happens quickly, sends me into a tailspin (that I don't have time to eat during) and then I get over it just as quickly as it came. In MOST cases. So I don't battle this stress eating thing...

Now, in the beginning - when I first started dieting - the diet itself was what was stressing me -- that and the addition of exercise to my routine. But having got past that... I may be somewhat stressed when I go back to work -- but I haven't decided if I'm going back to subbing this year, or if I want to find a "real job"... LOL! But either way - it's my choice... and I'm not really stressed about it.

I wish I could help you out more on this. I don't know...

I might suggest getting some of those little hard candies and when you feel like you gotta have something, pop one of them... and suck on it? That's what I did when I quit smoking ... that and I crocheted! (kept my hands busy) But that was 15 years ago... I hope somebody else comes along and addresses this for you... *sigh*

I sooo have this problem! I really do eat when I am stressed.

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