Monday, August 14, 2006 

The Agony of Defeat......

For those of you like me who like big print, the poster reads as follows:

For Every Winner there are dozens of losers.
Odds are you are one of them!

Ok, if I were an alcoholic I would be checking into Betty Ford about now.

I have been stressed, lonely, frustrated, angry, and exhausted.

Any one of them is bad ......add them up and it's diasterous. Is it time for an intervention yet?

I'm back on track.....after all it is Monday right? One foot in front of the other.....head up, goal in sight, forgetting what lies behind I press on.

There is ground to reclaim. Shake off the dust, put on the track shoes, face to the wind. Yes, my ego is bruised and I am so tired of these self-inflicted wounds. (Floozie if you can find the switch in my head, feel free to turn it off!)

Confession is good for the soul.....the wretched scale says I've gained 7 pounds. So much for not weighing every day....back to being obcessive compulsive.

Daisy Dilemma: Was the momentary pleasure worth the price I'm paying now?

Quote of the Day: Never eat more than you can lift. - Miss Piggy

Mood: blue, blue, blue

Note to Melli: Just used my frustration and stress level to complete the 3 mile walk with Leslie. I've never gotten all the way through it before!!!.....(I didn't use the hand weights as I was already carrying extra weight. ) I yelled and whooped at the might have looked like I was enthusiastic but it was great stress release and must not have been too loud as Fire and Rescue Team didn't respond.

Whooooooooooo HOOOOO! you GO girl!!! YIpppeeeeeeeeeee! I am SO happy for you! That IS what you should do with your frustration! PUT it to work for you! (easier said than done, I know... but I try to do that too!) I DID finish the 4 mile walk on Saturday as well! I did not do the floor exercises after because Amanda came in and was watching me do the walk and then we got talking... but I wasn't AS worried with them since I do other things. But that 4 mile walk is booty kickin'!!! I'm sure the 3 mile is too! So... we are BOTH back on track now, and we are going to have LOSSES on these blasted scales now! I really have piddled away this whole summer - when I was supposed to be getting so much done! Well.. I did the exercise part -- but let the diet part fall by the wayside! NO MORE!!! ^^HIGH FIVIN' YA GIRL!!!^^ I am PROUD of you! Heeeeeeeeeere we go!!!

Sorry you are so stressed and frustrated. Think of this a the beginning of a brand new week with no frustrations in it yet.

good for you for putting your frustrations to such a good use!!

Okay Miss me the switch and I will gladly turn it off for you!! I guess you just think WAY TOO MUCH about that scale. Put it away then if it bothers you that much!! I only weigh once a month like I have said before because I know that I would be SO VERY discouraged and I do not want to live each of my days feeling like I am slime on someones shoes!! NOPE no way!!

just stopping by to see how you are doing today. Keep your chin up!

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