Friday, July 28, 2006 

Chasing Contentment!

This is me today......chasing contentment!

Buzzing here and there, always looking, trying to see if there is something better around the next bend.

The scale is going in the right direction again. Some of it is probably fluid but it still goes in the loss category. I'm still reclaiming lost ground from blowing it earlier this week.

Loved the high carbs yesterday! Even the low carbs are better than what I've been doing. This morning I'm having yogart, and apple and 3 Tbs. of chopped nuts. It sounds so much better than eggwhites and green beans!

My neighbor Beckie gave us some home grown tomatoes yesterday. Wow, are they ever good. Our tomatoes are still green and need to be staked badly. (Sounds like a week-end project to me) . We will be having more company this weekend so more cooking (sigh).

Daisy Dilemma: Why do I use the scale to measure my self-worth?

Quote of the Day: "Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who believed that something inside of them was superior to circumstance." - Bruce Barton, American advertising executive, writer , and congressman.

Mood: Tired, hot, overwhelmed

GOOD, good, good! Going down is right! Today I had my weigh at the doctors office -- I've only lost 1 lb. in two weeks! I was very bad last weekend - had pizza Friday night AND Saturday and then had lunch with Carmen on Sunday! I'm paying for it today! LOL! I expect much better progress two weeks from now! Over at MY blog I'm blaming it on the moon! But ... better a one pound loss than a one pound gain! Correct?

Today I've had a peanutbutter bagel, and a glass of milk for breakfast. And I just had a HUGE salad with a little bit of grilled chicken and small handful of pine nuts sprinkled in! YUM!

I don't usually do a morning snack... but this afternoon I'll have some fruit... not sure what we're doing for dinner yet. Probly fish...

Last night my hubby cooked pork chops on the grill... I buy the boneless ones and they were VERY good -- but I only ate half of one! Eh... that was enough. Have you ever done BAKED sweet potatoes? Just like a baked potatoe only with a sweet potatoe? We had them last night -- they are VERY satisfying! And green beans. LOTS of green beans!

Yes You should not look at that scale all of the time. I weigh only ONCE a month at curves..Only once a month...get it!!! NOT all of the time. If you do that it just gets to you and you cannot take least I can't. I think it would be best if you don't weigh so often. Pick a day and weigh maybe every Friday morning or something like that and stick to it. Make a chart and keep track. Just a suggestion.
You are doing great and I know you will make it.

You go girl!! I have been good all week...I'll let you know what my lose is when I weigh in! Keep your fingers crossed!

I weigh on my scales at home everyday, but I know they aren't the same as Jenny I don't get my hopes up! lol

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