Saturday, August 19, 2006 

Thanks Floozie!

This would be funny if it didn't look so much like me.

Thanks for the reminder my friend Floozie!

What do you think?

It could definitely be a cartoon character of me.

Should I be insulted?

Good thing we're such good friend!

I thought it was funny Sandy!

I think the BOTTOM picture of you is ADORABLE!!! You are soooo... SPUNKY! I LIKE that!

Funny cartoon and great pic of you!

Silly thing!! I did not send it to you for any other reason than I thought it was so cute!! I never even had that thought in my head..You just had your own thought!! So insulted you should NOT ever B...because I never had the idea....IT WAS ALL YOURS Miss DIVA!! *smile*....I do really like the picture of you...which I am going to steal and keep...Sandy

Well Daisy, it looks like I'm going to be testing my hip size sooner than I thought! The kids came home with tickets to Six Flags. We're going tomorrow ... I sure hope I can FIT on all those roller coasters!!! Wish me LUCK, Lazy!

You're so cute!!!! :)

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