Friday, August 18, 2006 

Kill the fatted calf.....

This is a special weekend as my baby girl is coming home....kill the fatten calf, break out the sparkling cider, and prepare to party.

Yesterday was her birthday (thanks to all of you who gave her a shout-out). They have been moving the last couple of weeks so are bringing home a bunch of Boy Wonder's things.
(His apartment is smaller so mom gets to store his things!)

Good News: Their apartment is bigger so they will be taking back many of the items they have stored here for the last two years. (Note: It will probably be an even trade....but I can dream can't I?)

Boy Wonder's birthday is Sunday the 20th ( he is turning 25 so be prepared to read 25 things about his wonderfulness over at the Log.) Melli: Do your kids read your blog and compare what you said about them compared to their siblings? Just wondered?

All bets are off this weekend.....but I will exercise and use portion control.....honest! (She says while crossing her fingers behind her back!)

You know friend, I think that is more cake than I could eat in a LONG, LONG time!!
I hope that you have a great time with Tim and Suzy this weekend. I am so happy that they are coming to spend some time with you and hubby!!
All is fine here. I am going to email you.

Have fun with the kiddos! I am trying to be good with the in-laws here. We are eating out more and then next week we will be eating out all the time!!

Oh and my kids always compare what I say. LOL

Love ya and miss you!!

My kid is too little- but he loves it when I post pictures of him! Have a great weekend celebration!! Oh-- my mom still houses some of tmy things... ;)

WhatEVER you do, just don't beat yourself UP for it on Monday! Enjoy your weekend - it's OKAY to celebrate family happenings! Just get right back on the ol' diet on Monday -- or Tuesday - or ... whenever they've all left again! Unless they do like mine and move back in forever!!! LOL! And no... my kids don't read and compare! I have to BEG my kids to read my blog! And hubby has NEVER read my blog! Though he has participated in some of it's events!

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