Sunday, August 20, 2006 

And the Oscar goes to......

Visualizing is a great thing to do when you are losing weight. One of my favorite games is to visualize what life will be like when I'm leaner. I like to visualize some things I will be able to do and enjoy again.

What's better than pretending what life will be like when you are leaner?....achieving a goal in real life! The goal can be wearing your skinny jeans again, being able to hula hoop, hike the Appalachian trail, or go out dancing.

The nominees for the lean cuisine award are:

Flip Flop Floozie for her role in "The Incredible Shrinking Woman"
Twisted Cinderella for her role in "Rella in One-derland"
My sister for "The Emperors New Clothes" (she sent me her fat clothes that fall off her now!)
Melli, for "Roller Coaster named Desire"

May I have the envelope please?.........(music begins to swell, camera sweeps to each of the nominees who are sitting at the edge of their seat in breathless anticipation)......and the Oscar goes to ........Melli, in her stirring rendition of "Roller Coaster named Desire" (Crowd goes wild, confetti falls from the ceiling, friends and family beginning hugging her, as Melli makes her way to the stage.

Melli speaks:
"When I started dieting one of my BIG GOALS was to BE ABLE to ride roller coasters again. The LAST time I was at Six Flags I could only ride ONE with the help of a seat belt extension - and I couldn't even SQUEEZE myself IN to ROAR - they would not have had to worry about harnesses or lap belts to keep me in if I had! Today I was able to ride ALL of the roller coasters -- and never needed a seatbelt extension for ANY of them. This was VERY exciting for me, because I truly AM a roller coaster enthusiast!

Congratulations Melli!!! YOU Rock! May all your goals come true.

Well goodness me! I come over to see how YOU'RE doing today and instead find out how I'M doing! You amaze me! You sure know how to tell a story with flair! Thank you SO much for all the HOOPLA! I really am SO happy... cuz I was still worried going into the park yesterday -- I didn't remember how much of the weight had been put on AFTER the horrible roller coaster day... so I wasn't sure I was going to be able to ride. It WAS exhilerating!

YOU are going to achieve your goals too! And I'm going to be cheering for you!!!

Golly, I didn't even know that I was nominated...Although I lost I am so happy that I lost to such a nice person!!
You will get there!! Just keep at it my friend. As you know I am stuck again. I cannot get discouraged!! I just have to keep going and going and going!!
Thanks so much for the nomination!!

They both are.. "Wow's" You guys rock!!

(twisted cindy does her best to put on her hollywood happy for the winner that wasn't me face) I am so honored to be nominated . . . really.

Just kidding. I LOVE this post and I AM happy to have been named! Melli deserves to be acknowledged. How wonderful for her.

creative post...I love it!

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