Wednesday, July 26, 2006 

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Back on the straight and narrow path again. You know the one I'm talking about. The one that leads to One- der Land. ( The land where no one weighs 200 pounds!)

Seems like I've been wanting to visit there for a long time. My passport is valid and it looks like my mode of transportation (diet and exercise) will actually get me there this time. In the past there was always some major problem that kept me from my destination. This time I'm sure I'll get there (I just hope there aren't a great many detours or derailing to hinder my progress.)

I've written some postcards to my dear friends "Ben and Jerry" explaining why I won't be coming back to visit. Hope they understand. I must say" Sara Lee and Little Debbie" were angry at me for leaving (hmmm....and they say that no body doesn't like Sara Lee!"

I really want to run the whole way there but I'm told it's not practical and that the road is long and dangerous filled with road blocks and hazards. So I guess it's one foot in front of the other...slow and steady as she goes. At least it's step in the right direction.

It's so hard isn't it? I am an emotional eater as well. It seems that I do really great, and then fall off the wagon. Ugh. What are you doing to lose the weight?

INDEED! Sarah Lee should be shot! Hang Little Debbie! But don't brush Ben & Jerry too far off! They have some GREAT low-fat frozen yougurt! I treat myself occassionally! (usually when my daughters are PMSing...) :-D

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