Friday, April 07, 2006 

Emotional Yoyo

Have you ever felt like one of these?

A YOYO is a simple child's toy. It goes up and down on a string. It works by the force that is exterted on it from the hand and in cooperation with the laws of gravity. The yoyo goes down and then comes back up the string. It has no motor or mechanical parts.

The up and down motion is something I know well. Today was an emotional yoyo day that found my emotions all over the place.

It started out well.....I had a simple task that I was overly preparded to do. My Mr. Wonderful is a punctual person. He is always prompting me that, "If you are not 30 minutes early then you are already 15 minutes late." By his calculations I'm always at least and hour behind! I should have been clued into the universe when I missed the turn-off due to construction and had to go way out of my way to turn around. My simple task turned out to be more complicated because of lack of preparation on the part of others. My stress level went up while my confidence level fell to a new low.

I survived.....I was actually good! The ego level went up, the fear factor diminshed. I was actually invited out to lunch by a group of women I admire (that hasn't happened in the three years we have been here!) The endorphins were soaring.

This afternoon I read some of my favorite bloggers and perhaps empathized too strongly with their struggles. My joyful mood quickly went south and I was deeply distressed. After finally giving it over to the Lord (it was way too complicated for me), I was delighted to get personal emails from the very people I had been praying for. This was a delight and a surprise as there was no way I could contact them except for a note of concern on their blogs. Amazingly, their situations had dramatically improved just in the few hours time.

My Mr. Wonderful came home from work in remarkably good humor. We actually laughed, talked , and discussed several situations that had taken me up and down all day. We picked up Chinese take out ( on a Thursday?) and laughed hystercially at the fortunes we read. The simple pharse "in the bedroom" certainly changed our generic fortune cookies into x-rated cookies for sure.

Mine: "A financial investment will yield returns beyond your hopes (in the bedroom!") What? does that mean what I think it means?)
His: "You find beauty in ordinary things. Do not lose this ability (in the bedroom!") Hey, who are you referring to as ordinary?

This evening I had calls from family members that sent me into gales of laughter and giggles of glee. I definitely think my emotional yoyo is on the rise at this time. However my body tells me it's way past time to crash and burn.

Daisy Dilema: Why do I let circumstances that I can not control effect my mood?
Mood: disquieted

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