Wednesday, March 29, 2006 

So much for my Aha Momments!

After my disastrous day it has been suggested that I post on Cacophony. I'm not sure if the writer thinks that's more my style or if the suggestion means if you post on a particular subject the opposite situation will occur. I posted on Solitude, quiet and tranquility and it seems I set myself up for failure.

Cacophony is an interesting word. Certainly not one that would I use every day.....ok, probably not one I use at all. I looked it up to get the full scope of the meaning.

Cacophony: (noun) 1. Jarring, discordant sound, dissonance. 2. Harsh or unharmonious use of language as opposed to euphony.

My world is full of sounds, noises, words, strident and harsh vibrations emitting from electronic devices, clamoring for attention and demanding to be heard. Telephones ring, CD's play, the animals bark and meow and even the washing machine has it's own vibrations and rthymns that invade my inner sanctum. It's hard to concentrate or hear my own inner thoughts, impressions, or reflections. No, to concentrate on jarring dissonate noise would probably be a self-fullfilling prophecy!

Daisy Dilema: Shouldn't I be further down the road in life by this time?

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