Saturday, March 25, 2006 

Wow, Who Knew She Could Write?

I've been having a hard week. Usually I don't let it bother me....This week it did. It bothered me enough to do something about it. I complained! I whined! I wrote a "poor me"post and then I gave it up. I thought it was a rather positive post and ended well.....Obviously I wrong. The majority of the comments were favorable but concerned. Then I became concerned because others were concerned (it's late, don't try to follow my reasoning!)

I became more concerned when I received this from her.

I was so dishearten to hear how bad a week you've had. It's been bothering me all evening, you've been in my thoughts.
I'm starting to worry about you, worrying that you may be depressed. Am I wrong?
I'm worried about you and the restrictive diet you're on, all those changes all at once can be overwhelming, and I think, a set up for failure.
Are you okay? Are you really okay?

(I thought I was ok......Then I read this on her website.)

"When life is hard, I will not wallow in despair.

This is the only life I have, there is no other.

I will not spend much time on sorrow, I will not give my life over to sadness, I will struggle free.

When a tear brushes my cheek, I will take the time to feel the heartache, so the next day I will continue with out the tears.

I will add bright colors, the somber tones there only to make the bright hues brighter, not to crowd and dampen them.

Those gone and lost inspire me, their memory nurtures me, and flowers will grow, they deserve flowers.

I will have more flowers, my life bright, despite the tears.

When life is hard, I will not wallow in despair." (original work)

At first I thought.....I wonder who this is about? Who is wallowing in despair...?? Then it occurred to me that maybe she means me? So I looked up wallowing.....hmmm, not good.

I looked up despair......Definitely not good!

Then I began to despair that I was wallowing in despair and didn't even know it ( or worse yet was in denial!) Oh woe, now I'm deeply despairing that I ever looked it up.

All that to say .......Who Knew She Could Write! Great Job! Who ever, or what ever inspired this ......keep it up.

Daisy - I am in despair that I had a grammatical error in my note to you and I can't repair it now! It seemed the whole blogosphere was hurting Friday night. Don't despair, I fixed everyone up with that post. Now everyone can go on about their lives. :))

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