Monday, January 30, 2006 

Show down at the Weight Watcher Corral!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Show down at the Weight Watcher Corral!

"Remember "she said, in a voice so chirpy that I wanted to snatch her bald headed, "A Set-Back is just a Set-up for a Break Through!"

(I instantly wanted to vomit on her shoes! ) Honestly, where do they get these people? Are they cloned? Do they give them performance enhancing drugs? Do they put sublimial messages in their Alphabet Cereal every morning? Do they have a published book of cliches they hand out with a spoonful of sugar?

I was ready for the Chirpster this week! With the support of the HELPFUL HULK I faced the monster scale with head held high and WON! I lost 6.4 pounds!! (or as they say in Weight Watcher terms....25 sticks of butter!)

Now, scale lady was all smiles and graciousness! Now she accepted me with open arms, and eye contact!! At this point I was surprised not to have received the key to the City and a ticker tape parade! "Oooh, she gushed, "You certainly had a good week!"

I smiled sweetly( surpressing the urge to jump across the table and strangle her!) Scale Lady must have alerted the Chirpster (and probably the local news media) as she was all smiles and stood right by me as the meeting begin. "Who has something they want to brag about?" she cooed encouragingly.

"Let the showdown begin!" I thought. So I played my part.....(ooh, 000h, choose me, choose me!) So I stood proudly and announced my wonderful weight loss to the sound of appropriate clapping and horn honking. "What did you do differently" she prompted!

"Absolutely nothing", I responded. " I did everything just exactly like I did the week before when I gained 2 pounds! Only last week there was no affirmation. "No stay the course." No smiles, no pats on the back, not even eye contact from the scale lady! ( side note: Oh yes I did, I named names!) I left the meeting last week feeling like a total failure, lower than dirt and vowed never to come back again. For a support group you ladies really suck!"

Surprise, surprise.....The room was silent!

One lady next to me said, "I lost .2 of a pound last week and felt so bad I didn't even stay for the meeting. One by one others began to "testify" of having the same experience but being too embarrassed to say anything about it."

Chirpy turned to Magnolia (her real name is a flower name) and asked her to speak about how it felt not to lose weight when you are doing everything right. Mags (who has lost 101 pounds...(for real) or as we like to say in WW terms-404 sticks of butter) spoke honestly about having weeks when the scale didn't want to cooperate with her body. There was no hype, no excessive sugar, just sweet sincerity that truly broke my heart. ( after the meeting I asked her if she would adopt me!)

I don't know what the meeting was supposed to be about, but it actually turned into what it was intended to be all along , a support group.

I took full responsibility for not bringing the topic up last week due to my hormonal roller coaster emotions. (Of course I felt free to rant about it with you all!)

Moral of the story: I feel like there are ladies at my "circus " Weight Watchers meetings that have the same feelings and emotions and struggles I do. Shame on me for not taking the initiative and reaching out to them.

PS. My best friend who goes to the meetings with me and knows my intense love/hate relationship with WW suggested we attend another meeting in some other nearby cities where possibly the instructor wasn't quite so perky and cute! (What? I said, "and miss my weekly blogging fodder? Are you crazy?")

Well maybe it didn't exactly happen that way......but it did to" my weigh of thinking."

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