Friday, January 20, 2006 

I've Created my own Super Hero!

Friday, January 20, 2006

I've Created my own Super Hero!

Well I'm over feeling sorry for myself .

I've decided that if Miss Chirpy can convert herself into a super hero so can I. She may be Portion Control Hero but she'll have to deal with my super ego.....HELPFUL HULK.

Yes, folks Helpful Hulk.....the defender of fragile self-esteems. Helpful Hulk becomes enraged at lack of support or encouragement to emotionally starved victims of the dreaded scale.

Stand back, don't get me mad. "You won't like me when I'm angry!", she says.

Helpful Hulk turns green because of all the green and leafy vegetables she has been eating. Her muscles bulge due to all the exercise and strength training. Her clothes are smaller because they are new and show off her dazzling figure that discipline and healthy eating have created.

She's the defender of the disappointed, priestess of the portly, helpful to the hefty, friend of the fatty, leader of the large, chum of the chubby, and hero of the huge.

"Hang in there a while longer, you will see a change." "You can do this!" "Look at the new habits you are developing." "Next week will be better." "Your body is going through a change and needs time to adjust." "Don't give up!"...........These are the words in her arsenal .

Hmm.....seems like I heard these same words from all of you! Thanks, I needed that! Posted by Lazy Daisy at 11:03 PM 16 comments

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